P17 Method development – Declaration of noise from heat pumps
 buller Project leader Markus Lindahl
Performer SP

Today heat pump noise is evaluated as a sound power level measured in one operating point. Existing methods unfortunately give a poor image of the actual noise. From the energy label within the European Union, consumers can get an estimate of the annual energy savings based on a SCOP value. However; consumers should also be given the possibility to make an informed choice regarding the sound level, to minimize the risk of affecting the neighborhood by disturbing noise. The present project aims to develop and propose an improved method of evaluation and new indicators for declaration of noise from heat pumps. This would give consumers better guidance and also support the manufacturers in their product development. Industry participants emphasize that an improved approach has the potential to lead the trend towards quieter and less disturbing products. In a longer perspective, the improvements may lead to an energy labeling scheme that better reflect the actual use of the heat pump.