P18 Smart control strategies for heat pump systems
 Regler Project leader Hatef Madani
Performer KTH

The new paradigm shift in control and electronics is converting the traditional heating solutions to smart integrated heating solutions as the important part of the future smart sustainable buildings. This project aims at evaluating, formulating and testing smart control strategies to make heat pumps as an inevitable part of future smart heating systems. These control strategies can use the weather forecast, learn from people’s behavior, and follow the difference in electricity spot price all over the year; consequently, both operating cost and CO2 emissions is reduced as the result of higher system efficiency or simply smarter system operation. The project uses system modeling and simulation to evaluate different control strategies and find the proper solutions, in a close collaboration with the project partners. Finally, minimum two prototypes of these controllers will be built and tested in single family houses to evaluate these smart control solutions in the real life.