P21 Ground Source Heat Pumps for Swedish multi-family houses: innovative co-generation and thermal storage Strategies
 flerfamiljshus Project leader Hatef Madani
Performer KTH

While there is a huge opportunity for Ground Source Heat Pump systems to be used in multi-family houses, there are some important challenges to overcome, having to do with the fact that many multi-family houses are located in densely populated cities with little available drilling area. The general aim of this project is to identify the opportunities to improve the performance of Ground Source Heat Pumps used in multi-family houses by introducing innovative cogeneration and thermal storage solutions. In order to achieve this general aim, the strategies to integrate solar PV/Thermal collectors to Ground Source heat pumps will be investigated from both technical and economic perspectives via system modelling and field measurements. The project includes comprehensive system modeling and in-situ field measurement. The project results can be used by Swedish ground source heat pump industry and cooperatives (Bostadsrättsföreningar) who are already involved in this project.