P23 Heat pumps in District Heating Systems
 fjärrvärme Project leader Ola Gustafsson
Performer SP

In this proposed project, a number of interesting integration possibilities for heat pumps in district heating systems will be studied, all of which have the potential to reduce either the supply or the return temperature in the district heating network. This in turn can lead to enhanced economy of operation of the district heating system. A total of five sub-projects will be conducted. One sub-study also intends to study the effects on already installed heat pumps of the new F-gas regulations, which will greatly phase down the use of HFCs media. Through the project, Sweden will contribute to the international IEA project “Heat pumps in district heating systems”, and provide opportunities for Swedish stakeholders to both absorb international knowledge, and to show the Swedish industry’s capability in the field. The project is of great benefit to the Swedish district heating industry to take strategic decisions on the future use of heat pumps in district heating systems.