P24 Technology carrier – Best technology for a ground source heat pump
 Projektbild - Teknikbärare Miljövänlig värmepump Project leader Klas Andersson
Performer Klas Andersson

The project brings together technology from previous research with alternative solutions from other applications to a carrier of the best practice for an environmentally friendly geothermal heating system. Today’s refrigerants must, by European directives, be replaced. Propane is natural and one of the better options but is flammable why the refrigerant charge must be minimized. The target is that with new heat exchangers with small channels, compact compressor for vehicles as well as new system design, use less than 150g of propane for 5kW heating capacity. The system is adapted for a new effective coaxial collector concept in which hazardous additives is not used. The project aims to develop and evaluate such a system in cooperation with Nibe, a leading heat pump manufacturer, and Airec, manufacturer of heat exchangers with a promising. The results will produce positive effects for the environment, energy savings and new opportunities for the Swedish heat pump industry.