P01 Magnetocaloric refrigeration processes for consumer products
 magnet Project leader Prof. Björn Palm
Performer Behzad Abolhassani Monfared
Research residence KTH

The vapor compression (VC) process has up to now been completely dominating in domestic appliances. During the last decade, the magnetocaloric (MC) process has been suggested as an alternative. The development of new MC materials have contributed to this development. Electrolux, being a leading company in domestic appliances, needs to be in the forefront of this potentially interesting technology. The company wants through this application to have KTHs help in evaluating the possibilities and limitations of this technology. A ph.d. student has been working on this within Effsys+, but additional work is required. The investigation includes computer simulations, primarily of the flow and heat transfer in the packed bed of MC material which is the core of the process. Electrolux will finance a test rig to be used for verification of the simulations. The project is expected to determine under what conditiinos MC processes can compete with VC and which applications are most favorable.