P02 Absorption process with energy storage
– process enhancement by use of compressor
 absorption Project leader Prof. Björn Palm
Research residence KTH


Intermittent absorption processes are interesting as they allow rational use of excess heat and solar energy, while the process in itself allows the possibility of storing energy during long time intervals without losses. In this project we will investigate the possibilities to boost the process by, under certain conditions, using a compressor. The compressor may be used for increasing the power during discharge or for speeding up the recharging process. The main tasks in the project are the following:
* Perform a theoretical study to determine the performance of the process using a compressor.
* Identify a suitable compressor for the process with at least one refrigerant
* Perform an experimental verification of the performance of the process under different running conditions
* Determine characteristics for varying running conditions as a basis for a detailed simulation
* Simulate the process in an application and thereby determine the possible annual energy savings.