P03 Adsorption corrosion inhibitors,
green corrosion inhibitors and
alternative secondary fluids for indirect refrigeration system
 mol Project leader Prof. Björn Palm
Performer Monika Ignatowicz
Research residence KTH


Secondary fluids are water based solutions of organic or inorganic substances and have long been used in various indirect refrigeration systems and heat pumps. The advantages of indirect refrigeration systems are: low refrigerant charge, low risk of refrigerant leakage, primary system fully located in the machine room, low GWP refrigerants such as NH3, propane and other hydrocarbons can be used and easy maintenance. All additives affect the secondary fluid’s thermophysical properties in a way that is not well known. The aim of project is also to investigate the influence of corrosion inhibitors on the heat transfer process. Additionally, ”green corrosion inhibitors” will be tested. Further studies are needed to find suitable corrosion inhibitors for ethanol based secondary fluids. Another important aspect of this project is to continue development of alternative and more environmentally friendly alcohol based secondary fluids, organic synthetic diesel oils and ionic liquids.