P04 The energy efficient supermarket of tomorrow
 kyl Project leader Samer Sawalha
Performer Mazyar Karampour
Research residence KTH

This project will explore increasing the efficiency of today’s carbon dioxide refrigeration system in supermarkets by investigating design modifications and integration possibilities with other energy system in the supermarket. At the end of the project a state-of-the-art refrigeration system for supermarkets will be defined.The investigations in this project will be done by computer simulation modelling and analysis of field measurements from number of supermarkets in different places in Sweden. Key parameters that will be investigated are: heat recovery at multiple temperature levels, providing air conditioning by the refrigeration system, ground energy storage, and using ejector in the refrigeration system. The results in this project will be published in at least two scientific journal papers and three conference papers as well as in Swedish technical journals. The publications will be included in a PhD thesis on the subject of supermarket refrigeration.