P06 Further development of heat pump systems
for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB)
 nne Project leader Caroline Haglund Stignor
Research residence SP

Since the total heating demand in NZEB is small, the cost for the heat pump system must be limited to achieve a competitive LCC. Otherwise, less energy efficient heating systems might be used, which counteracts the purpose of these buildings. The soon coming compulsory energy labelling for heat pumps will have a large influence on the design of heat pump systems. Due to these reasons we should learn more about real operation conditions for heat pumps in NZEBs and how well these are reflected by the labelling, in order to be able to influence a revision of the regulations if so needed. This is one purpose of this project. Another purpose is to investigate the potential of integrated control of the heat pump and the ventilation systems and for free cooling. The objective of the project is to develop prototypes to be evaluated in a test laboratory and/or in SPs demonstration NZEB and also to develop a potentially commonly accepted test method for simultaneous space and hot water heating.