P08 Refrigerants with low Global Warming Potential
 hfc Project leader Rahmatollah Khodabandeh
Performer Pavel Makhnatch
Research residence KTH

The project aims to provide data, support and information of alternative refrigerants with low GWP at the phasing out of HFC refrigerants for existing and new heating / cooling systems. The focus will be on the new refrigerant thermal properties, requirements for safety of components and energy efficiency.
• Identification of conditions for the phasing out of R134A, R410A and R404A refrigerants and assessment of new refrigerants in term of energy efficiency
• Investigation of the thermal properties and safety of new low-GWP refrigerants and consequence analysis of phasing out of HFC refrigerants and the introduction of new refrigerants on system performance
• Experimental determination of heat transfer and pressure drop for evaporation and condensation with new low GWP refrigerants
• Experimental study of compatibility with polymers, metals and also stability in and outside the system and performance of compressors, heat exchangers and expansion valve with different oils.