P10 Evaluation of innovative heat exchanger in refrigerated display cabinet for more efficient energy use in Supermarkets
 kyldisk Project leader Sara Jensen
Research residence SP

Indirect cooling systems are very common in Swedish food stores and significant quantities of electricity could be saved if the heat exchangers the display cabinets were better designed for its operation conditions. A prototype of a new type of heat exchangers suited for cooling air with fluids of laminar flow have been developed and evaluated in a laboratory environment with promising results. In this project, the new type of heat exchanger will be evaluated in an open display cabinet in a food retail store. The overall aim is to build knowledge and experience for further implementation, including estimates of how big energy savings such implementation would entail. A successful outcome from this project will likely be that Hemköp examines the possibility to implement the new type of heat exchangers in more cabinets and stores. The goal ultimately is to reduce energy use in Swedish grocery stores by the use of the new type of heat exchanger in new and remanufactured cabinets.