P11 Energy efficient milk production
 mjölkspann Project leader Jörgen Rogstam
Research residence Svensk Energi & Kylanalys AB

Milk cooling in farm based perspective consumes vast amounts of energy. A rule of thumb is that 2-2.5 kWh/100 liters of milk is required for the cooling only. On top of that the hot water production for cleaning must be added where the milking robots of today require 85-90 ˚C for the cleaning process. The aim of the current project is to develop and evaluate the overall performance and efficiency of an adapted and improved small scale CO2 system. This activity will include the refrigeration system design with a special focus on the evaporator as well as the heat recovery function. It is of great general interest to demonstrate that CO2 systems can be cost efficient also in small scale, which may be possible with new generation components and existing control systems.