P12 Energy storage for increased used of solar energy in commercial buildings
 solvärme Project leader Elsa Fahlén
Performer NCC

In order to meet the requirements on near-zero energy buildings, the very low energy use in these buildings should, to a large extent, be supplied by renewable energy sources, including renewable energy sources on site or nearby. This project aims to identify cost-effective system solutions which can increase the share of solar energy in commercial buildings by integrating energy storage technologies. Based on scientific methods, this study will evaluate strategies to increase the level of self-sufficiency of solar energy based on photovoltaics and solar thermal collectors combined with energy storage technologies and, eventually, with the support from chillers and heat pumps. The study is performed using a holistic approach considering not only technical and economic aspects, but also legislation and behavioural aspects. The project will provide a decision support for property owners, developers and contractors with consideration to technical, economic as well as management aspects.